Claims Made

P.I.E. offers a claims-made insurance policy which is the current industry standard. Coverage is available for dentists who practice hospital dentistry or perform I.V. sedation, either themselves or with the help of a qualified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist, in their own office. Oral sedation coverage is also available under the same classification. Coverage is also provided for dentists who have their dental hygienists perform local anesthetics. Premiums are very reasonable and, as is typical with claims-made policies, start out relatively low and step up to a mature rate which remains constant from the fifth year of coverage onward.

The liability limits offered by Professional Insurance Exchange Mutual, Inc. are industry standard at $1 million per claim and $3 million annual aggregate. The Company retains a team of experienced lawyers at the firm of Snow, Christensen and Martineau and/or the firm of Dunn and Dunn which are instrumental in defending claims and negotiating reasonable settlements when necessary.